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Catheren McKinney hearing test

Terms & Conditions

We are Sound and not Price motivated.


Our priority is to provide a quality service supported by first-class levels of excellence and expertise at competitive prices. We do not sell our hearing aids on the basis of cost alone. We take all the factors necessary to make hearing care work at its very best for our clients.

We are never knowingly undersold, and if you are able to find a comparable quote in terms of hearing aids and service, we will promise to meet the price (terms and conditions apply - see below).


Adult Services, General Terms & Conditions


The following hearing aid audiological services are included for our clients:

  • Full audiometric evaluation.

  • Explanation and discussion of results.

  • Selection and prescription of appropriate hearing aid technology.

  • Appraisal of and recommendation of any environmental aid technology.

  • Computer aided selection and insertion gain measurements of instrument performance.

  • Fine tuning adjustments.

  • Auditory rehabilitation counselling.

  • Further consultations during the first three months up to four hours.

  • Trade in and upgrade of hearing aid technology package (available after 2 years).

  • Maintenance pack with starter Battery supply.

  • Annual reviews for the life of the hearing aid.

  • Hearing Aid Audiologist telephone Helpline.

  • Supplies available by phone or email and sent Special delivery or Courier if required.

  • Walk in Service available for minor repairs and servicing.

  • Priority booking of appointments.

Terms & Conditions


  1. You may cancel your order up to 48 hours before the allocated appointment for fitting.

  2. The hearing aids are guaranteed against mechanical or electronic defect (but not loss, accidental damage or misuse) for a period designated by the manufacturers warranty details as supplied. We strongly advise clients to insure their hearing aids with an insurer of their own choosing.

  3. The hearing instruments are supplied on a 30 day trial basis from the date of the fitting. During the trial, the Hearing Aid Audiologist will assess your progress and ensure your satisfaction with the instruments at two week and four week post fitting consultations. We are unable to accept instruments returned late or in a damaged condition.

  4. Invoicing is made and payment is due on the day of supply unless alternative arrangements have been previously agreed with Mills & McKinney Practice Ltd in writing.

  5. Finance or credit facilities are not offered by Mills & McKinney Practice Ltd. We advise clients to make their own finance arrangements.

  6. None of the above affects your statutory rights.

  7. Please contact your Hearing Aid Audiologist or the Practice Manager at any time for any additional clarification you may require.

  8. Unregistered clients and temporary registered clients (hearing aids purchased elsewhere or those purchased for the purpose of assessment only) do not have automatic access to any of the above audiological or support services and are required to settle all accounts at the time of treatment. To become a fully registered client please obtain a Management Package quotation from our Practice Manager.


The above terms and conditions are subject to change. Where fixed price, contractual or any other policy discounts have been applied to any account and subsequently Mills & McKinney Practice Ltd experiences difficulties in collecting the discounted amount, Mills & McKinney Practice Ltd reserves the right to reverse the discount and to re-bill the amount in full.

Any further collection costs incurred (including fees billed by collection agencies, credit reference agencies or solicitors) will be added to the final amount payable.

All Hearing Aid Dispensers are required to be registered with the Hearing Aid Council. This is a regulatory body designed to address the interests of all concerned in independent hearing aid treatment. A copy of the code of practice may be seen upon request. The Council's duties include ensuring adequate standards in Dispensers conduct and competence. The address to write to is: The Registrar, The Hearing Aid Council, 70 St Mary Axe, London EC3 8BD.


We also have alternative Terms and Conditions, in order to meet the specialised clinical requirements and complex treatment plans, which some clients are more suitable.

  • Adult Services - Auditory Rehabilitation without hearing aids.

  • Paediatric Services (0 to 16yrs age)

  • Cochlear Implant Services, including assessment only.


Further details are available upon request.

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