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Catheren McKinney in practice


We really love receiving wonderful reviews from our patients, below we share some with you. 

I am extremely happy with my new OTICON hearing aid purchased from Catherene at Mills McKinney Practice at the Portland Hospital. Catherene provides such an excellent service and is extremely helpful and kind I have had all my excellent hearing aids from Catherene for several years now but the new OTICON is really in a class of its own.

As a professional musician and producer I have crystal clarity with the OTICON and not even a hint of any distortion at any time while performing or listening to live music. I have two settings for general use and for a musical environment. Both settings are interchangeable and both work perfectly for me.

I would highly recommend the OTICON to anyone and particularly to musicians, performers and producers. It is an absolutely outstanding piece of kit.


Ian Parker (composer/producer/musician/DJ and keyboards player with the Hollies and Mud)

Our son was born with a syndrome and subsequently diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. He has had his hearing monitored every 6 months since birth but they have struggled to obtain any accurate or meaningful results due to his conditions. Following a successful hearing test at the Portland Hospital we were referred to MM Hearing. Catherene was incredibly caring, knowledgeable and extremely sensitive in her handling of our son. As much of the required Q&A was carried out in advance of our sons in person appointment as possible, meaning that when we arrived for his trial fitting of the BAHA device everything was ready to go. We had expected a relatively long process be required to be followed at the trial, so we were pleasantly surprised to find the opposite to be the case. 


On the day that our son received his trial device, his eye’s opened wide as he heard clearly for what we believe was the first time in several years, and since wearing the BAHA his development has accelerated dramatically. Speech is now short sentences opposed to one word infrequent responses, awareness of his surroundings has improved, receptive language skills are like night and day when compared to life before the device. Our son refers to the BAHA as his ears, wearing it on a discreet SoundArc band. 


Prior to coming to MM Hearing, my wife and I believed that a cochlear impact was the only solution to our sons hearing deficiency, and we now understand that we have an option which may be suitable for him until he goes through adolescence, at which point the anatomy of his ears may change, possibly avoiding surgical intervention altogether. This has presented us with options and taken the pressure away of having to make an urgent decision of surgery or not. 


At all times, Catherene and the team at MM Hearing have been wonderful to deal with. Always willing to guide with expertise and never patronising or overbearing in their opinion and advocating for the patient at every opportunity We would whole heartedly recommend them to any person or parent of a person who needs expert guidance and solutions for hearing deficiencies. 

Mills and McKinney are extremely professional and provide excellent service to their clients. At no time does it seem that they are trying to sell the most expensive hearing aids, but rather that they have first carefully considered what assistance is needed and then they recommend the most suitable hearing aid.


They offer a friendly and comprehensive service and are easily contactable. They have an extensive range of hearing aids and programmes that are available.


If there are any problems, they can be easily contacted and problems are resolved either by email or by an appointment e.g., the changing of the wax guards and fitting of the new hearing domes, the adjusting of the volume of the hearing aids or to prevent the hearing aids being accidentally knocked off when removing glasses or sunglasses.


Their support and professionalism are of great assistance when trying to cope with hearing loss.


A one-off fee is paid which includes the hearing aids and appointments throughout the first year, a hearing test and the provision of wax guards and domes. This represents good value for money.

I am a long-standing client of Catherene but it was many years since I had had a check-up. The reason was pure fear: my existing hearing aids had done well but I had them turned up to the max and was still finding it difficult to hear, even when it was just me and one other person in a quiet room.


My fear was this: that I couldn’t be helped. Catherene was wonderful. In her calm, quiet way she immediately assured me, without over-promising, that a solution was possible. That was the beginning. The hearing test revealed that I needed new aids and that technology had advanced significantly since the old ones had been commissioned. At the fitting stage she made many subtle adjustments. The quality of my life has significantly improved I no longer strain to hear. I can work. In a meeting room with a dodgy acoustic, I can hear every participant. In a crowded restaurant I sometimes hear more than people with normal hearing. None of this was possible previously.


I highly recommend Catherene, she combines the ability to listen carefully with extensive professional know how and total integrity.

I was first referred to Catherene back in 2005 whilst living in London – and despite now living 250 miles away I still continue to make the journey for the impeccable service I receive.


MM Hearing have essential in-depth knowledge that one needs to be aware of given how important ones hearing is – with any questions being answered immediately and with professional ease.


Booking an appointment is a simple process, especially in this day and age, and you are seen as soon as reasonably possible, often immediately. During an appointment they in engrained history of my hearing records and the care and commitment noticeably shines through.


As hearing is a fundamental part of our lives we have to make sure we are receiving the best care and are advised of the best product – as an example I wanted Bluetooth this time round, but instead of fulfilling my wishes I was advised that the aid would then exceed the size of the aid I would limit myself to – and as such I immediately decided no longer to pursue the Bluetooth option.  Had MM just agreed to my request I would not have liked the end result – which they could foresee.


I wholeheartedly recommend anyone with ear and hearing difficulties to see MM Hearing.

I have had a hearing loss throughout my adult life and have had different audiology services in the past. I came under the care of the Mills and McKinney practice some years ago and was immediately impressed by the quality of the service. The premises are well located, as they are in the Portland Hospital, and are fully equipped. 


Catherene is the perfect professional, highly qualified and experienced, and ready with clear and appropriate advice.  She built a friendly professional relationship with me, supportive and encouraging - essential for me with my significant problem. In addition, she has always responded quickly.


My recent experience illustrates much of this. Last year I suffered a sudden additional hearing handicap, which was unexplained. Catherene saw me quickly and we embarked together on what has proved to be a complicated assessment process, subsequently within the NHS, but with her help throughout. Her extensive knowledge, unhurried discussions, regular checks, and careful adjustments of the hearing aids have been of immense benefit to me in working through a difficult period. I understood a lot more about audiology at the end!


The charges are entirely reasonable. On the choice of aids, she is clearly impartial as to model and manufacturer. The pricing of aids is keen, including a generous discount where appropriate.


In all, I have total trust in this practice.

I have been with MM Hearing, on and off for about 10 years. I like them very much. They are friendly and professional. Their consulting rooms are quiet and private and very well equipped with the latest Audiology technology. The graphics are clear, detailed and easy to understand.


I like the fact that hearing tests take place in a proper sound-proofed room, not just sitting next to your consultant so you can see when they press the buttons. I find the hearing tests very thorough with several different methods being used, eg rushing wind or water sounds in one ear to simulate loud background noise. I was interested to learn how sound travels through the skull as well as the ear and the headphones were placed behind the ear to test where any blockage might be occurring.


When my hearing loss was first diagnosed, I was thoroughly against wearing a hearing aid outside my ear and initially went for the ITC devices. When I started seeing Catherene and she tested my hearing, she explained that sometimes these ITC devices can be more of a hindrance than a help and she showed me the Oticon hearing aids that I now wear. I was impressed with how slim and neat they were and the fact that they cannot be seen since they tuck behind the ear so closely. It was explained that it was necessary to have two hearing aids to balance out the hearing loss, otherwise the good ear would be working overtime to compensate for the loss of hearing in the bad ear. As a matter of fact I had hearing loss in both ears just one was worse than the other. The initial diagnosis was that I had suffered hearing loss for quite some time, maybe even since I was a child, which made a lot of sense looking back at my life!


The hearing aids have been precisely tailored to suit my hearing loss. Without them I am completely lost especially when having a conversation. I could hear people speaking it is just I used to find it difficult to distinguish the exact words. The TV usually had to be turned up high so I could hear the dialogue and sometimes the sub-titles had to be put on just so I can understand the dialogue. I also found I was missing certain sounds, eg a telephone ringing or a doorbell. My new hearing aids have completely changed all this and made my life much easier and simpler. My husband is happy that I my hearing has improved now and we avoid many mis-understandings due to my mis-hearing what he has to say!


I have an annual check-up to test the hearing aids and my hearing, to see if there is any change in the hearing loss and to balance the hearing aids accordingly. They are plugged into the computer which has my test results and the aids are adjusted accordingly.


I am always seen promptly at the time of my appointment and never feel rushed or hurried. On two occasions Catherene has enabled me to have my ear wax removed which was hindering my hearing. This was just on the spur of the moment and considering how hard it is to get this done these days, was much appreciated.


All in all I can highly recommend Catherene, my Audiology Consultant and although the initial cost is high, it is an investment for the rest of your life and is literally life-changing.

Catherene goes above and beyond what you would normally expect from a hearing aid dispenser combining excellent professional expertise with truly outstanding customer service.


I have been a hearing-aid wearer for almost thirty years but Catherene is the best audiologist and dispenser I have ever dealt with. Her determination to ensure that you enjoy the best possible hearing experience is truly exceptional. I can’t recommend Catherene highly enough. Her laser-like focus on ensuring that you enjoy the best possible hearing experience is unparalleled in my long experience of buying and wearing hearing aids.

I am incredibly grateful for the outstanding hearing care I received. The professionals here were more understanding and always willing to listen to my concerns and needs, making me feel valued and cared for. They presented me with a wide range of options, ensuring I could choose the best solution tailored to my specific requirements.

The entire process was remarkably easy and straightforward, from the initial consultation to the fitting of my hearing aids. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful and generous the staff were throughout the entire journey.

I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact the hearing aids have had on my life. They are by far the best I have ever had, transforming my daily experiences and interactions. Thanks to their expertise and top-notch technology, I now enjoy a much richer and more fulfilling life. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of exceptional hearing care.

I have been at Mills & McKinney since before I was 5 years old when I first began wearing hearing aids. Profound hearing loss is one of the many issues I was born with, but I was always reassured about the challenges knowing that I had a outstanding care when it came to finding the right hearing aids and having them maintained. The fact that I’ve not been based in the UK for some years now, but still count on them when it comes to my hearing aids is testament to the care I always experience. 

The dedicated staff are always there to help and it is always good to see familiar faces whenever I come back, particularly those from my younger years who are still there today. 

I recently had a battery issue with one of my hearing aids because it kept draining faster than it should have. Both batteries were replaced as a precaution and the warranty was extended by a further six months. Everything was dealt with as usual. Knowing that I have somewhere to go to if there are any issues with my hearing aids is reassuring. There are many places online offering hearing aids and services, but the latter isn’t always guaranteed, nor is the experience and expertise that I’ve been fortunate to have over the years. 

Hearing loss is debilitating whenever it occurs. For me then in 2011, as a 58-year-old male when I first noticed a problem, it was a significant irritation that has gently worsened.  A reminder of the passage of time and one's potential frailty.


The situation was exacerbated by the challenge of finding an audiology practice that was independent of any particular manufacturer. In my journey, I tried many devices, intracanal and external. None proved initially satisfactory. In the end, via a recommendation from a well-known Professor of Nuro Audiology at Queens Square London, I was introduced to the independent practice of Mills and McKinney at the Portland Hospital, Gt Portland St., London. It was transformative for my hearing and life.


The initial consultation was comprehensive and informative. I learned much, and despite being a well-researched former medical doctor I was given new insights.


I have now attended this practice since. My hearing has been returned to very close to what it was previously, with a succession of carefully chosen devices, from differing manufacturers, as product efficacy has been enhanced. Despite the retirement of Robert my needs have remained perfectly and charmingly catered for by Catherene of whom I cannot praise enough.


Each patient is different. To cater for that difference requires different devices from different manufacturers, in this field, one device does not fit all. It is self-evident that independence is therefore an important factor.


In summary, I  cannot “sing” their praises enough. And I can now hear that, and others singing, too!

Mills & McKinney provided a fantastic service to me when I first started using hearing aids  Catherene explained so much about how they worked and the how they mitigated my particular type of hearing loss. She supported me through the first weeks of using the hearing aids and connecting them to my devices. My working life, in particular, has been made much easier and my confidence has increased. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mills & McKinney to anyone needing hearing aids.

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